Leave it to the Non-Humans.

Five ways Chatbots create better User Experiences.

Chatbots aren’t just the next trendy thing, they do offer some very powerful User Experience benefits. Here are five ways chatbots can create better User Experiences.

  1. Creating a Consistent Experience
    An effective chatbot experience will help stabilize any customer service experience. How many times have you had a great experience with customer service but your friend had a terrible experience with the same company? A lot of times it all depends on what type of human is on the other end of the conversation. Some customer service employees go above and beyond while some others might be a huge turn off. A lot of the times it might be that you caught that person on a bad day. From a business perspective that might be a lost customer and something that will always be a bit hard to keep consistent. Leveraging chatbots for customer service could reduce this inconsistency. Not only with things like emotions but even depth of knowledge. It’s hard to create a level of knowledge consistency across customer service, some employees may not have the historical depth of knowledge as some others. Utilizing chatbots could help create the depth of knowledge consistency for any customer call.
  2. Talking to a non-human
    Sometimes talking to a non-human is preferred. Engaging in sensitive conversations can always be a bit uncomfortable with other people. If users knew they’re talking to a chatbot they might be more likely to have these types of conversations. Another big concern is being judged based on the conversation, chatbots could remove that problem. One challenging thing with this is the “Uncanny Valley” symptom. Users are smart and don’t liked to be tricked. Don’t create a chatbot that tries to trick a customer into thinking it’s a real person, that will instantly remove user trust.
  3. Always empathetic
    The amount of ambient information an AI system can collect is well beyond any human counterpart. Bots and AI are starting to understand more and more context and can understand how to be more emphatic. Business no longer need to worry about a customer service person having a bad day and treating customers rudely or not considering other influences that they may not be known to them.
  4. Removing Decision Fatigue
    With the array of choices in apps and websites today users are continually frustrated where to start or what to select. Chatbots can help serve up and guide them through an array of decisions. A chatbot flow is a based on a natural conversation with users, they can break the decision fatigue that many users face today. Using the natural flow of conversation is much easier to suggest options and services that may normally be difficult to find or understand in a traditional web/app experience.
  5. Handling complex tasks
    Complex flows and transactions can be made much simpler using a chatbots, from processing images to completing complex financial transactions. Even longer form style experiences can be made easier and appear less complex using a natural conversational flow. These chatbot AI’s will understand more context and serve up the right content at the right time.

AI chatbots still have a long way to go but companies are finally starting to understand they need to be where the customer is.