My first week with Sketch

I recently had to start a new project from scratch and I´ve decided to install and use Sketch (Bohemian software).

I have to admit that I´ve heard about it a lot but since I´m a master in Adobe softwares and I have a CC license I also thought that it was a waste of time and money. I was wrong.

Sketch is the best solution for UI and icon design for many reasons:

- it lets you organise your resources creating libraries of elements
- it´s very light, cheap, easy to learn and well supported
- there´s a ton of plugins, some of them are already a must have (free)

As I said Sketch has a lot of plugins because the software house made it easy for developers to make them and because, since it´s a very new product, they are really listening to their customers suggestions. Here´s my first plugin choice:

It´s a prototype tool. It provides a plugin so you can easily send artboards from Sketch to Marvelapp project without leaving the software

It´s a tool to generate guidelines and resources (i.e. export icons etc.) automatically. Also in this case you have a plugin that generates css code and assets directly from a Sketch file.

Craft by InvisionLAB
It´s a suite of Sketch plugin to design with real data (no more lorem ipsum). You can even load JSON requests from custom API.

Instead of simply designing page by page I´m currently creating a Desktop Ui Kit based on a new project for a client.

Working on a global system library instead of unrelated user stories has many advantages:

consistent: a button will look the same in the entire software without any effort

reusable: for future user stories you simply have to drag-drop the elements of the library in a new page. You can customise the library for entire new project

open: you can distribute the UI Kit together with your code with an opensource licence or maybe sell it on a marketplace like or (you can hardly do it with a simple website design)

With a bit of more effort the kit could be converted into a Keynote/Powerpoint so even PMs could use it to quickly prototype new features or entire proposals.

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You can find the incredibly useful Sketch Shortcut design I´ve used for this article here:
Have a look there, it´s full of great stuff!