Oh! How we need a change, A change called DESIGN THINKING!

The design thinking process, I call it an exciting colourful journey of post it notes!

Ow how colourful it was to see students sit in groups, poker-faced working with a sea of colourful post-it- notes trying to rack their brains to understand the many comments their so-called customers gave concerning household products.

This was a part of of the very intricate process called design thinking, a process of coming out with solutions, basically, with the ideas generated from your users. Design thinking is now an emerging ideation process many universities, startups and companies like IDEO use. It rather approaches solutions in a whole different manner, from the root course to the wild ideas. With design thinking, you never think of the solution from the beginning, it will mysteriously appear at the end of the process. How cool!

This system has been the guiding path for many startups evolving from Ashesi University. Students are getting to understand the contexts they are working in to produce products that will not only sell but appeal to the users. Many solutions from design thinking given to its users end up getting comments like “wow, I didn't know I needed that!”

A gist of this process entails finding a problem, researching into that problem to understand its extent of damage or need, interviewing users or possible users and even stakeholders, analysing data received and creating a POV to understand the new user then coming up with wild unimaginative ideas to address the issue.

Dont get scared, these wild ideas are encouraged to help restructure the solutions to suite the needs of the users. No wonder IDEO clings onto this method to help come up with breathtaking products that sell and most importantly solve the problems of the customers!

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