Steps for becoming a good designer

Have you ever thought of how to be a good designer and what it takes to be one? Many of us have dreamt of being a famous and a recognised designer but how many of us worked towards it? you did right? I did too. It’s fascinating how almost every one us wants to be the best in what we do. To be the best first we need to be good at it. Once you are good at it you will have to keep working on it and refine your work process as days progress. The way you address people’s problem is the key to success.

As my mentor says
“Design is not only about solving problems but it is how best you solve it.”

Many companies work on the same problem but all matters is who solves it the best.

A quick product example below which actually solved the problem in one of the best way.


Problem statement: Remind user to drink water on regular intervals

Reach: There are numbers of apps in the store which does the same but still @NFNlabs clearly stood out from the common league. The reason was their intuitive and play full design. BTW this product was built in 12 straight days. Check out the medium post. The downloads were not as good as screeny another product by them which went viral but still got the best reviews for the design. This was designed by @sonaal and developed by @Anas.

To become a good designer it requires a good amount of effort to be put in. That effort might be in hours, days, months and even years. According to me the following can help one to take their first steps towards becoming a good designer :-

  • Understanding of problem statement & validating it.
  • Your approach towards the problem.
  • The work process you follow to design. From scratch to the final output.
  • How & when to (you would want to) evaluate your design.

Defining an answer to these will help you to grow yourself as a designer. This process will/should keep changing for one to evolve. It helped me. Try it out. Be aware of what you are doing, how you want to do it and it will surely help you to understand the problem better and help you push yourself to higher places. Define these questions every time you start a project and keep a tab over it through out to make sure you don’t fall off track. This doesn’t guarantee success in the very first project you do but this will help you establish your first steps towards becoming a good designer.

Thank you for reading! ☺