We need more artists than designers

There has been a lot of confusion amongst a few self-learnt “designers” and why they do or do not want to follow certain design protocols. Grids are good/bad for design, More images because they convey emotions well or More text because its easier and natural to grasp as a form of storytelling. Pixel perfection vs “What works better” and on and on.

What I personally feel, is most self-learnt “designers” came in the trade to become artists. They wanted to bring the free flow of the moving brush over an easel to the web. And I personally think, its totally awesome, that we are having more and more people who want to bring the art to design.

What is Design?
Now a lot of people might have problems or suggestions to give on this question, but I would like to mention (like my other posts) that this is just MY IDEA of what design means. Feel free to keep yours.

Design is when art meets tech. Design is highly calculated, efficient. Design is “how things work”. A good design is when it works perfectly. And for things to work perfectly, all the possibilities are considered. So, considering all possibilities, we cannot go full Picaso when it comes to design. Yellow and black works well in a surreal art piece,but in design? A lot of things would be considered, is it yellow over black or black over yellow. How bright is the yellow? Is the text readable? Is it being all over the place, is it being this or that?

So, yeah in a single line, Design relates to the functioning of a thing. The better and thought about the design is, the better it works.

What is Art?
This, is something I want to ask anyone who reads this article. What is Art for you? Art for me is free flow of your emotions in any way onto any medium. Writing, painting, sketching, dancing, singing or even shouting at the top of your lungs after an LSD trip. Whatever helps you clear your mind. Whatever helps you connect to nature is art.

It doesn’t have any rules, it cannot be taught in books. You can learn how to hold a brush, you can never learn how to feel your art. You can learn how to play a flute, but you can never learn how to create a melody. Art is powerful, because, even if it works, you don’t know how or why is it working. You just feel good.

Why do we need more Artists than designers?
Lately the term “design” has been so overly researched upon that it became way more complicated than it should have been. Designers became so focused on making it work perfectly, that they forgot the core essence of “why” it should work perfectly.

We need more “designers” saying “It looks good man, I don’t know why, but it does” over a designer who interrupts mid-way by saying “Duh! Have you ever heard of Material Design? pfft, noobs”

We need more people who focus on creating an “emotional connection” between a brand and its users over worrying about if it would look good on 2x, 3x or idk some x. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying those things are not important, but we need “Artists” to guide “designers”. We need people who can first think about how it feels good, and then focus on how it works.

Why do I say that? Because, I learnt it from the example question that has been around from centuries.

“If given the option to choose between Money (which makes everything work) and Happiness, which one would you choose?”

Why did people always choose the second option, because its not always about “what works” but it has been always about “what feels good”. Why do people love stories, even when they knew they are fictional? Because, it felt good. They knew very well its a myth, or just a lie, which can never happen or which would never “work” but they still liked it, because it felt good.

Can a designer become an artist?
Yes!! And if a designer becomes an artist, it’s even better!! Because you know how to make it work, and now you want to focus on how it can make your users feel good. You want people to look at your work and instead of saying “Its amazingly designed” you want them to say “Its a beautiful artwork”

Its time to learn a new design language — Art. And the best part is, you gotta forget the rules for a bit. Consider, being an artist as the most important first step in your design process. You do user research, wireframes, prototypes, testing, but think like an artist before that. Think abstract, think raw.

Design is about solving problems that people have. Art is about making people happy, by solving problems that they don’t even know about.

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