Your design should win hearts, minds and markets

World is too small to bring our products noticeable.

Design is a creatively planned process to solve user problems and to fulfill a need for the people who will ultimately interact with it. Design should not be open for explanation, instead it should define how it will engage the user in its each stages. When thinking of designing a product for humans, we often think of simple, beautiful, and easy to use feature-set which will make the user’s life easier. There are only a few of many thinkable solutions for a user’s problem that a product tries to solve. Thinking of designing specific products means thinking of specific user problems.

One of the biggest mistake product companies are making these days is confusing designs that look great with designs that actually works well. If your product doesn’t work well, no one will ever care how it looks. It all depends on the experience you design for its user. There are hundreds of visually satisfying apps available for download but very few fullfil the user satisfaction when it comes to experience, interaction and giving feedbacks.

Let me give you an example of Uber, its core service is to provide taxi easily at any time to anyone. So keeping the product in their mind, they have designed the experience so easy and interesting that we can book a cab with single tap, They give options to decide which type of taxi the user wants to take as per ones convince. Even after booking we can see where the taxi exactly is, how much time it will take to reach our location. You can communicate easily with the taxi driver. Even after soo many competitors in the market Uber is leading, solely as they made the user’s life easy with their features and user experience design when it comes to hiring a cab. There is a one-way interrelationship between feature and product, Features don’t work without the product. This is why designers should always think by keeping the product in mind.

Trust Factor: There should be trust factor between the users and products. The more you become trust worthy in the market the more people will sign up to your product. Eg. Uber is trusted by the users in transport service, Airbnb is trusted for its hosting service, BookMyshow is trusted for its online ticketing service, and many more great products are trusted for their unique services.

For example: Whatsapp, The way of communication. has drastically changed over the last decade. There was a time we use to remember our family/friends’ phone numbers. We use to dial the number and have verbal communication as texting was never a thing those days. I began using WhatsApp soon after its initial release. It was simple and an instant communication product. They introduced simple emoticons which made communicating more simpler than it was earlier. Later, when people were used to it they redesigned the interface and experience. It was not a drastic change in visuals. Even after so many messaging products with there particular unique features in the market we still prefer Whatsapp over them because we trust WhatsApp and are emotionally attached and addicted to it.

In India, every day an another start up comes to life. Everyone have there unique ideas, many are competitors of well existing companies/product, but only a few survive in market, why? Because they lack in research and designing bad user experience. Your competitors are also obsessed with their product, just like you. They must have already thought of most the ideas you have came up with. What matters is how good you design an experience of your product to its user. Your design should be easy, useful, enjoyable, trustful and of course visually beautiful.

“All good hotels tend to lead people to do things they wouldn’t necessarily do at home” — Andre Balazs

Summing up with..

As a designer, we should consider the range of experiences people go through when using multiple products. Understanding what makes them to download and stay loyal to a Product. We should understand the psychology and science behind how people interpret information, make decisions, and take action. Our product should be conversational which should lead to a friendly experience. All this things will enable us to deliver more effective designs in future.

Thanks for your time 🙃